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Patient Education Materials

Patient Education Videos

Many organizations recognize the need to offer patient education in various formats and give patients access to education outside of their time in the clinic. Creating an online library of patient education videos can be a daunting task requiring a significant commitment of time, personnel, equipment and money, all of which are in constant short supply.

This is where we can help. Partner with Nurse Assure to provide patient education videos accessible through your website and customized to your organization. 

No six-figure contracts. No cold, sterile animated graphic videos. Connect with your patients by bringing them the information they want and need, explained in a way they can understand, and delivered with the personal touch of an expert oncology nurse.  

Ready to provide reliable online patient education videos without the hours of labor?

Regardless of your budget, we can create an option to work for your organization. We’re removing the barriers to help deliver what patients need: accessible cancer education explained simply. Get started now with a free consultation and see sample videos for our existing clients.