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Individual Patient Consulting

A cancer diagnosis changes your life in an instant. You need to make decisions about treatment. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make those decisions when you do not fully understand your cancer and the different treatment options available.

  • Receive professional guidance from oncology nurses who can translate medical jargon
  • Nursing review of medical records
  • Comparison of your planned treatment to evidence-based
    clinical guidelines such as NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network)
  • Assistance searching for clinical trials, if desired
  • Education to provide clear communication about your disease and complex treatment options
  • Advocacy services including assistance with decision aids and shared-decision making tools
  • Assistance in development of questions to ask your oncology team
  • Treatment side effect and disease symptom support throughout
    your treatment and recovery process
  • Assistance with transition of care to palliative and end-of life care

Every person deserves to understand their cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. If you are struggling with this, we should talk.