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Cancer Care Essentials for

Non-Oncology Nurses

Oncology patients frequently receive care in community hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and Primary Care settings which do not have specialized oncology staff.

Due to this growing patient population many non-oncology health care professionals will be responsible for taking care of patients who are currently undergoing treatment or have cancer in their medical history. With the growing complexity of cancer care, it is critical all healthcare professionals develop a fundamental knowledge of cancer basics in order to provide quality care to patients and their families.

What we’ve heard from patients:

“I don’t feel safe going to my local hospital. They act like they’ve never even seen a port. I don’t want them touching it.” ~Cancer patient

“I had to go to the ER over the weekend. I told them I just had my treatment this week. They didn’t even ask me what it was. How do they know what to look out for? I guess they just know.”~Cancer patient

Our Cancer Care Essentials for Non-Oncology Nurses was created with non-specialized nurses in mind. They don’t see oncology patients every day, but when they do, they need to be able to take care of them safely. This requires a fundamental understanding of cancer care.

What this course is NOT:

This course is NOT a deep-dive into oncology…full of medical jargon, nor a chemotherapy review course preparing nurses to take the oncology certification.

What this course IS:

An introduction to essentials in cancer care, providing a fundamental knowledge that enables healthcare professionals to safely and confidently care for cancer patients and their families.

Complex medical jargon is broken down and explained simply so participants will learn and retain valuable cancer care essentials and be able to answer questions using patient-friendly language.

Choose from an engaging interactive onsite workshop (1 or 2 full days) or our interactive 6 module webinar series. (*Note-our webinar series is not the typical “click-through” format.) Either choice will leave your staff with valuable and practical knowledge they can immediately apply to their work, as well as Continuing Education hours. 

At Nurse Assure, we recognize existing oncology resources created for specialized staff is far too complicated for non-oncology nurses. Foremost, it’s overwhelming and general practictioners shut down quickly when feeling “it’s over my head,” resulting in little gain (if any) from the training. 

They need essential cancer care knowledge. They want to be able to take great care of their patients with the confidence they can recognize complications and answer patient and family member questions.

That’s where we can help. To learn more about Cancer Care Essentials for Non-Oncology Nurses, review course objectives, and decide which format best fits for your needs, contact us today.