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Cancer Nurse Newbie Series: Chemotherapy & Biotherapy Tips

Discover how easy it is to quickly wrap your head around numerous chemotherapy and biotherapy drugs…make them STICKY in your brain, without the overwhelm.


Patients trust that you know how to take care of them safely and that you’ll be able to answer their questions… 

Whether you’re a new grad or seasoned nurse new to oncology…the learning curve is STEEP. Stop drowning in feelings of overwhelm and learn how to compartmentalize these drugs and connect the dots to accelerate your learning… 

What We'll Cover...


Understanding Chemotherapy & Biotherapy

We can separate drugs into buckets…and that helps us tremendously accelerate our learning and chunk down the overwhelming volume at the same time..


Understanding Chemotherapy

Despite the continued number of drugs approved to treat cancer that are not chemotherapy… it still remains a staple in our toolbox to treat nearly every diagnosis.


The Taxanes

Wrap your head around this commonly given class of drugs…particularly TAXOL (Paclitaxel) which is a frequent flyer in the infusion room. (Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, Paclitaxel albumin-bound, Cabazitaxel)


5FU, Leucovorin, & Xeloda

Getting a handle on 5FU, Xeloda, & that trusty sidekick, Leucovorin as well as side effects and the rare but life-threatening DPD deficiency.


The Platins

This group contributes to why chemo has such a bad reputation. Learn about the distinct nuances of Cisplatin, Carboplatin, and Oxaliplatin.



If you work in the outpatient setting, you’ll use this drug A LOT. In real estate, it’s all about LOCATION…with Cytoxan it’s all about HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION.


The Red Devil: Adriamycin

Anthracyclines are pretty heavy hitters like Alkylating agents. We’re focusing on the main Anthracycline you’ll see commonly, Doxorubicin (Adria) and we’ll spend a skinny minute on Doxil (the Doxurubicin “extra” version). 


Targeted Therapy

Break down the basics of Targeted Therapy and explore why this form of treatment is so exciting. From monoclonal antibodies to decoding the names that give you clues., you’re sure to take home a wealth of information in this module. 


HER2 therapies

There’s ONE major side effect that leads to discontinuation in many …. and it often is preventable or /manageable …but nurses must be aggressive in their education & their intervention.


Immunotherapy Drugs

Differentiate immunotherapy from traditional cancer treatment, discover the different types of immunotherapy, an overview of Checkpoint Inibitors and geek out on some of the coolest science with CAR T-cell therapy. 

4 Continuing Education Hours Available!

Benefit from more than a half-day workshop in training, conveniently broken up into digestible small lessons making it easy to carve out a few minutes here and there to increase your understanding about chemotherapy and biotherapy drugs …AND boost your confidence at work. 

But most importantly … this is about gaining STICKY KNOWLEDGE to get these drugs ingrained in your brain so you go beyond just memorization.

See you inside the course!